Police Station

To ensure that your rights and best interests are observed, it is always best to have a solicitor present with you when you are being interviewed by the police.

Freeman & Co. are expert criminal solicitors who have a wealth of experience in representing their clients at the police station, no matter what stage the proceedings are at.

If you have been arrested and immediately taken to the police station you will be told of your rights to legal representation. You have the right to choose who represents you and you can ask the police to contact Freeman & Co. on  0161 236 7007. We are also available for family and friends who wish to contact us on your behalf and arrange a solicitor to represent and advise you.

If you have been previously interviewed without a solicitor and are now being requested to attend a second interview we are happy to hear from you and will make arrangements to be there for you.

Being interviewed by the police over a criminal allegation can be a frightening experience. It does not matter how trivial the offence may seem or the line of investigation that the police are taking, many interviewees find this part of the criminal justice process the most nerve wracking.

Any person being questioned under caution by the police are protected by law as to their rights and what is expected of them. It also covers what the police can and can’t do during the currency of the interview and the detention of the interviewee.

The police interview is regulated by the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE).

The intention behind the police interview is to gather evidence by questioning and then use the answers to those questions as evidence against the defendant should the police continue to charge the person being questioned.

The police interview is the first time that a proposed defendant has to answer the allegation for which they are being questioned. Although there is a right to silence it should always be noted that an “adverse inference” could be drawn by the court if a defendant asserts a positive defence at a later date than the interview.

Owing to the importance of the police interview and the building of evidence from such an early stage, having experienced legal advice from a specialist criminal solicitor is vital to mounting a defence right from the start of the case and investigation.

Before the interview your solicitor will be able to review the evidence in the case and advise you accordingly.

Your solicitor will also ensure that your rights are observed and deal with aspects of bail.

About Freeman & Co.

Nick Freeman is quite possibly the most famous criminal solicitor practising in the Country today. Dubbed by the media as “Mr Loophole” his reputation rose as an expert road traffic lawyer through his client list of famous sports personalities and celebrities.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg for Nick and his team of highly experienced criminal solicitors. Freeman & Co. have successfully represented people charged with a wide range of criminal offences ranging from assault to fraud, from rape to drugs offences.

Nick has a singular mind to all his cases and challenging the details of every case is an ethos that pervades Freeman & Co. as a whole.

From the first police station interview to fighting your case through the courts, Freeman & Co. provide seamless representation and dedicated client care that is second to none.

Being charged with a criminal offence of any kind will be a daunting experience. Freeman & Co. are a specialist from of criminal solicitors who understand their clients’ needs and the overwhelming need to get the best possible result in all the circumstances.

If you are, a family member to friend have been charged with a criminal offence you can call Freeman & Co. today on 0161 236 7007. You can also send us a confidential email by clicking here.

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