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Nick Freeman is quite possibly the most well known solicitor practising in the Country today.

He is noted for his high profile cases, celebrity client list and successfully defending a wide range of criminal offences from assault to rape and from drugs to serious fraud.

Nick has been dubbed “Mr Loophole” by the media owing to his vast technical legal knowledge and skilful court room advocacy.

What You Can Expect From Freeman & Co.

Specialist representation from Nick Freeman or expert counsel
Our unique expertise and experience in cases
Bespoke service tailored to your case, lifestyle and existing commitments
Either Nick Freeman’s or a Senior Solicitor’s attendance with you at a Police Station
Personal telephone support 24/7 from a Senior Solicitor
Unrivalled legal expertise
Enviable track record of successful cases
Sympathetic publicity management if yours is a high profile case


No matter what type of fraud you are being investigated for if you are charged and convicted it can have far reaching effects. It can mean the loss of reputation, a substantial prison sentence and extensive confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

If you find yourself under investigation or charged with a fraud type offence it is vital that you get experienced and specialist legal representation right from the start.

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Sexual Offences

Our criminal defence solicitors recognise that being accused of any offence is a distressing experience for any individual, even more so when the offence is of a sexual nature.

When facing a sexual offence allegation it is essential that legal advice is sought at the earliest opportunity. Often people accused of sexual offences have no previous experience of the criminal justice system and with careers, reputations and relationships under threat it is important…

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Being charged with any type of drugs offence can be a daunting experience. Drug type offences can range from simple possession to supply to production and importation.

Being convicted of a drugs offence can carry a range of sentencing and disposal options from a simple caution at the police station to a significant custodial sentence and draconian confiscation proceedings.

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Computer Fraud

Almost every fraud case these days has some element of computer based evidence. This could be tracing the funds of money laundering through internet banking transactions or even the simple analysis of the data retrieved from any computers or phones seized. With the more frequent use of technology such as iPhones and the Blackberry, phones are increasing a source of retrieving information and potential evidence. This could of course include complex evidence to track a person’s whereabouts.

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