Investment Fraud

Investment fraud can take many different forms and can be through different mediums such as the internet or through brokers and agents amongst others. The common feature is the targeting of an investor to try and convince them to part with their savings. This could be to invest in a company, a development or any supposed investment opportunity offering a high rate of return. This has been a classic feature seen in these frauds particularly since the interest rates for savings has been so low over the last few years.

Common investment frauds are:

  • Advance fee fraud
  • Ponzi scheme fraud
  • Land banking fraud
  • Pyramid fraud
  • Boiler room fraud

In cases such as these a vast amount of documentation is generated and there are usually many witness statements from the investors to go through. Each investor will have considerable documentation which will be important to examine. It is important to be fully conversant with each alleged ‘victim’ as often the paperwork does not match what they are saying. Picking up on these subtle points is often crucial to the preparation of a defence. We will robustly defend in these circumstances and will not shy away from vigorous cross-examination of alleged victims if there is more to their story than meets the eye.

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