Child Sex Offences

Sexual offences committed against children (under the age of 18) are covered under the Sexual Offences Act 2003. If such an accusation is made against you and you have been contacted by the police or been charged with an offence, please contact our dedicated and experienced team of solicitors on 0333 323 3940.

The law divides sexual offences against children into different age groups: children under 13, under 16 and under 18. Outlined below is a list of the main offences that can result in someone being accused of a sexual offence against a child and the possible penalties.

These types of cases can also relate to historic allegations that can date back many years. It is important that you seek our expert legal advice as soon as an allegation is made against you.

The thought of attending the police station or court in respect of an allegation of this nature can be a nerve wracking experience for most individuals, but our dedicated team of experienced solicitors and barristers are on hand to assist you every step of the way. Cases like this are usually dealt with at the Crown Court and it is therefore imperative that you seek legal representation.

Offences against children under 13

  • Rape
  • Assault by penetration: with any body part or other object
  • Sexual assault: touching a child sexually
  • Causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity

Sentences for people found guilty range from a maximum of life imprisonment for the most serious offences to a maximum of 14 years’ custody for the other offences.

Offences against children under 16

As the law recognises the age of consent to be 16, any sexual activity involving consenting children under 16 is unlawful.

The range of offences affecting this age group are:

  • Sexual activity with a child: intentional sexual touching by a person aged 18 or over on someone under 16
  • Causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity: by a person aged 18 or over
  • Engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child: by a person aged 18 or over with the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification
  • Causing a child to watch a sexual act: either someone engaging in sex or an image of someone engaging in sex
  • Arranging and facilitating a child sex offence
  • Child sex offences committed by children or young people: any of the offences above committed by a person under 18

These offences carry maximum sentences of between 10 and 14 years for people found guilty except for people under 18, whose maximum penalties are between six months and five years’ imprisonment.

Offences against children under 18

  • These offences relate to people who have a particular responsibility in their relationship with a child which overrules any consent the child might have given to sexual activity. The offences include:
  • Abuse of position of trust: providing protection for young people (16-17) considered vulnerable to exploitation by someone in a position of trust or authority
  • Sex offences within the family: covering people who live with a child and have a family relationship or position of trust or authority, such as family members, adoptive parents, foster parents or married/co-habiting partners

The potential maximum sentence when found guilty of an offence ranges from five years to 14 years.

Abuse of children through prostitution or pornography

There are specific offences relating to the use of children (aged under 18) in the sex industry:

  • Paying for the sexual services of a child
  • Causing or inciting child prostitution or pornography
  • Controlling a child prostitute or child involved in pornography
  • Arranging or facilitating child prostitution or pornography
  • Penalties for these offences range from a maximum of seven years to life imprisonment.

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