Banking Fraud

Banking fraud is widely known as a catch all phrase for a wide range of fraud offences. The main premise of a banking fraud is when someone has used illegal means to obtain money or property that belong to either a bank to it’s customers.

The main types of fraud cases that come under the phrase of banking fraud include;

  • Mortgage fraud
  • Land banking fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Credit card cloning
  • Account fraud
  • LIBOR (London Inter Bank Offered Rate)/rate fixing

It is not unusual with these types of banking frauds for the staff of a financial institution to be under suspicion. In Hollywood terms the prosecuting authorities would say that they were investigating an “inside job”. Small types of investigation may begin from within the financial institution itself but can very quickly start to involve outside agencies. If the investigation is started against an employee by the financial institution then they will be interviewed and depending on their findings, that person may be professionally disciplined or have the matter referred to the police for their own investigations and possible charging.

The moment you are under investigation or accused of an alleged banking fraud it is vital that you get expert legal advise and representation. As with any type of fraud, banking fraud is extremely complex and will involve a large amount of sensitive financial and computer based evidence.

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On larger scale banking frauds it is likely that the investigation will be started by an outside agency such as The Financial Conduct Authority or the police. It is not unusual for the investigations to be undertaken by the City of London Police owing to their close proximity to the heart of the banking industry.

If an outside prosecuting agency, such as the police are involved then it is likely for anyone who is suspected of being part of the fraud to attend a police interview under caution. Having expert legal advice and representation from a specialist fraud solicitor can be imperative to your case. The amount of evidence that the police will have generated will be voluminous which will only ever add to the complexity of the the case against you. Your criminal solicitor will be able to advise you as to the evidence the police bring against you as well as ensuring that all your rights and procedures are properly observed during your interview. In very complex case cases such as banking frauds, the police will normally want to interview a suspect on more than one occasion so it is important that you have continuity of representation from a criminal solicitor who is completely engaged with your case and your circumstances.

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